Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Secret Garden

I mentioned in my previous post that we were off to see Biggest's presentation at the literacy fair.  She loves to read and was all over this project from the beginning.  She chose the book, 'The Secret Garden' which was written in the early 1900's and is over 300 pages long.  Several times we asked her if she was sure she wanted to tackle that, but she was adamant.  And she loved the book.  He reviews were so glowing that I am currently reading it.  I must say, it is pretty good.  

For her two main projects, she chose to design a new book jacket and write a diary of the main character.  Here are her finished products:

Then she had to put together a whole display board with various elements of the book explained - plot, theme, characters, vocabulary.  Here she is hard at work on a Saturday morning:

And the finished board:

We are pretty proud of all the work she put into this.  I'm excited to see it at school.  Later.

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