Wednesday, 28 January 2015

A day at school

The girls' was celebrating literacy day yesterday with the theme '15 minutes of fun.' They invited parents to the school to eat lunch with their kids and then spend time in the library having fun looking at I spy books or joke books.  So I packed up Littlest and we met the other two in Middlest's class to eat.  They thoroughly enjoyed our 'picnic.'

Then in was off to the library for the lunch time recess.  We looked at some books and they all enjoyed themselves for a while.  Then their different reading levels and levels of attention span began to take over.  Look at, look at, let's look at this one.  It's a good thing it was only 15 minutes of fun.  Here we are:

Right after lunch we were off to preschool, where it was my day to be the parent helper.  Nothing overly dramatic happened on this day, but I was ready to be done when it was over.  Here is Littlest playing with some play dough:

This afternoon we are heading back to the school to see Biggest's presentation for the literacy fair.  Later.

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