Sunday, 25 January 2015

Snow much fun

We've had some abnormally warm weather this past week for January.  Melting snow and rain are not what we are used to this time of year, that's for sure.  However, we did get some snow one day before it all started to melt.  Enough that I had to shovel.  So my helper came out too. 

She was a big help.

Then she sat down in the wrong spot and got buried.  Who needs beaches and sand to bury yourself in when you have piles of snow.

Littlest grew tired of the hard work associated with the amount of snow on our driveway and moved onto the sidewalk between us and our neighbour.  He had been our earlier and shovelled it once but there was a slight skiff over it again.  She made a few paths through it and then moved onto his driveway which was nice and smooth and only had about half an inch of snow on it.  She proceeded to make a bunch of stripes up and down his driveway before I realized it. I couldn't leave it like that, so I shovelled his whole yard again.  Did I mention how much help she is?

After all our hard work, we went to the park where slides and snow and ski pants make for a fast and fun combination.


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