Friday, 9 January 2015

Kind words in the midst of chaos

I think may be slowly losing my mind. Well, maybe not so slowly. All the kids activities started up again this week, or so I thought. School for the older two started Monday, swimming for all three on Mondays and Wednesdays, piano for he older two on Monday, preschool for Littlest on Tuesday and skating for Littlest  on Wednesday. Well, I had it right up until skating anyway. 

We went to the rink Wednesday morning and nothing was written in the white board. Should have been my first clue. No one was behind the information desk. Should have been my second clue. But no, I carried on to the regular change room. It was open and sometimes we had to get the person at the desk to unlock it, so I took this as a good sign. However, as the time for the lesson grew nearer and no one was showing up, I got a little concerned. I checked the email and then read it closely. January 14th. Not the 7th. Oops. I just assumed it started this week. But you know what they say about assuming. Well, it made one out of me anyway. Poor Littlest. She was a trooper though. No tears shed. She said it was ok. I can only imagine the outcry had I made this mistake with one of the other two. 

Before Christmas, Littlest had missed her show and tell day at preschool because I forgot. This year I was going to be organized. I found the schedule and wrote all the days on the calendar. Next week is her first one. So what did I do? Got her all ready and packed for today. I felt so bad. She was so excited. I gave her a big hug and said sorry. That is when my four year old put her hand on my face and said, 'it's ok, you don't need to apologize.'  Well, it was all I could do to  keep from getting all choked up. She is such a sweet, tender hearted girl. 

We truly are blessed. Later. 

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