Monday, 6 April 2015

Easter weekend

We returned home last night after spending Easter weekend at Julie's parents' place.  Our original plan was to leave here Thursday night and be there Friday morning for the Good Friday breakfast and service.  That plan was shelved due to a stomach bug.  Littlest was hit Tuesday evening and Middlest Wednesday night.  The puking all happened during the night of course, but she was in no shape to go to school on Thursday.  She spent most of the day in her bed, dozing and reading.  At one point, she finished a book and asked me to get her another one.  The title she was after was 'Unicorn School.'  She then proceeded to tell me it was in the unicorn section of her bookshelf.  Wait, what?  You have a whole unicorn section?!  But sure enough, just past the crime solving mouse section and before the fairy section, there was a unicorn section.  Who knew?  And where did she get all these books?

So after a puke-free Thursday and no one else catching it, we ventured out Friday morning.  We had a great weekend.  Poppa treated us all to a ride in his semi (who knew that a sleeper seats six?) and the adults all took turns seeing if we could double-clutch.  It was tricky and there was some lurching, but no stalling.  Julie's brother and his wife each took a turn, then I did and here is Julie.  Like a boss.

The other big excitement on the weekend was that Poppa bought the girls their own quad for when they come visit.  A little 90 cc Arctic Cat with a governor on the throttle (thank goodness!).  It was a surprise and he and Julie's brother came up with quite the story to reveal it.  They said they had captured an Arctic Cat and were keeping it in a cage in the quonset.  They also had a coyote call which happened to have a cougar setting, which sounds like some sort of very angry cat.  So with great trepidation we all crept up to the door.  Uncle hit the remote and the cat screamed from inside the metal door.  Poppa had a baseball bat there to be safe and he banged the door to tell the beast to be quiet.  It screamed again and he slid the door open.  A blue tarp was draped over the cage, concealing the great beast.  It screamed again.  The girls weren't too keen on the big reveal.  I took Littlest by the hand and we crept up and each grabbed a corner.  We pulled with bated breath.  And the Arctic Cat was revealed!  Then there was excitement and lots of, 'I knew it wasn't real and I wasn't scared' by the older two.  Yeah, right.  That's why you were 20 feet outside the door.

Here's one picture of Littlest looking really cute, and then some shots of the girls taming the great beast.

Julie and her dad pulled up some chairs to watch the show and visit.

On Sunday morning, a certain bunny made an appearance and then we went to church in Golden Prairie where we were treated to the real meaning of Easter.

He is risen!  Later.

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