Friday, 17 April 2015

Cookie QC

Littlest and I decided to bake some cookies this morning.  I let her choose the kind and she picked the famous 'jam-in-the-hole' variety.  She rolled them into balls and poked her thumb in to make the hole and filled them up with jam.  She did this entire pan herself:

We made some with grape jam and some with strawberry jam.  Before we started I had told her we could sample one before lunch.  When the first couple of pans cooled, I told her she could have one.  She ate that, approved and then looked at the rest of the cooling cookies, taking note of the two different jam varieties.  'We should try these too,' she said.  I thought to myself, 'now that's some good QC thinking.'  Having spent nine years in a QC lab, this made me extremely proud.  She may have just been trying to get an extra cookie, but I'm choosing to believe it was about upholding the quality and integrity of our product.  We wouldn't want her sisters or mom to try something substandard.

So we each tried the strawberry ones and they were good too.  As she was leaving the kitchen, she noticed there were still more in the oven.  'We should try these too Dad,' she said.  My heart swelled with pride.  It is important to check each product run.

And just in case you are wondering, they were good too.  Later.

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