Tuesday, 2 June 2015

Reality check

There are times when I think that a child's sole purpose is to keep ones self esteem in check.  There are times when I think, 'hey, I'm pretty awesome.'  And then Bam! Back to reality.

Case #1

We never used to eat much rice, but have been a bit more in the last year.  The girls all really like it.  One day I figured I would use the leftovers and make chicken fried rice.  When they first looked at it, they all turned up their noses.  When they did finally taste it, they all fell in love.  Now when we have chicken and rice, they look forward to the next day when I make chicken fried rice with the leftovers.  Score one for Dad!  So this has been going on for months now - everyone loves the chicken fried rice.  Then one day we did something crazy.  Brought home some Chinese take-out.  After eating the take-out, Biggest said to me, 'Dad, don't take this personally, but the Chinese professionals do it better.'  Bam!  Reality check.

Case #2

Biggest came home from school talking about politics.  We  were alone in the car and got to chatting.  The conversation led to voting and then to women voting and then to women's rights and some historical gender roles.  I then said how we are not a typical family because I stay home and Julie works.  Then Biggest said to me, 'Yeah Dad, you're like the woman of the house.'  Bam!  Reality check.  Not that there's anything wrong with being the woman of the house...provided you're a woman.  I'll just check my testicles at the door when I come in and put my apron on.

Case #3

You would like to think that as you age, your children will look after you.  In a perfect world anyway.  Biggest thinks that when she grows up she wants to be the prime minister.  Aim high, I always say.  I told her that when she is prime minister she will have to look after me because I'll be old.  That's when she said, 'I'm pretty sure you'll have a huge seniors home.'  Bam!  Reality check.  I guess we won't be moving in with her when we get old.

So there you have it, stay humble.  Later.

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