Monday, 23 March 2015

A month in the life of a dog

It appears I have a bit of catching up to do - over a month again.  Where to begin?

Let's start with the dog.  Yes, Rosie has had an eventful month.  And expensive.  The first major incident happened when Littlest was playing tug-of-war with her and dragging her around the kitchen.  They got tangled up with one of the bar stools at the island and I turned around to hear the crash, the crying and the yelping.  Littlest had a pretty good mark right across her ear which we didn't notice until the next day because her crying didn't last long.  She was more concerned with the puppy who was in a lot of pain.  When the yelping finally stopped, Rosie wasn't putting any weight on one of her front paws.  Eventually she put a little weight on it, but she was still limping pretty good.  We called the vet and decided to let her sleep on it.  The next day came and it wasn't any better, so we were off to the doctor.  It was decided that it wasn't broken, but was swollen and sore, so we went home with three days worth of anti-inflammatories and instructions for lots of rest.  After about six days, her limp was gone and she was running around being a puppy again.

Then most of the snow melted and revealed a lot of treasures that she had been depositing.  There was a lot of poop to clean up.  And there still is, but now we have a lot of snow again.  In the meantime though, the melt brought with it the revelation of grass.  Oh the sweet, sweet grass.  Grass that tastes so good.  Grass that tastes good enough to eat twice.  Grass that tastes good enough to pick out of poop.  It's not a pleasant sight to watch.  Sometimes I wonder about the thought process.  Eat...puke...walk away...come back...see the  One night turned out to be worse than the others.  She found some grass that had gone to seed and had large husks on it.  She started choking and puking.  It is amazing the amount of food that can come out.  Anyway, after quite a while of this, she was not getting any better and could not seem to clear whatever was stuck in her throat.  So we called the vet (after hours).  After an exam, it was determined that the best course of action would be to sedate her and clean out whatever was bugging her.  It turns out she had all kinds of grass seeds and husks and fibers lodged around her tonsils.  You'd think she would learn after that, but no.  It was back to the grass the very next day.  I think I got all the stuff with seeds picked though.

The other story I am going to tell didn't cost any money.  It may not be for the faint of heart though.  It deals with poop again.  It is amazing how the whole puppy/baby similarity keeps coming up.  How many times did she poop?  Was it soft?  Runny?  Lots?  Just a little?  Why do we care so much?  Rosie seems to start the day with solid poops and they get softer throughout the day and some of the evening ones are down right runny.  I'll ask the vet about this again when she gets her next shots this week, but in the meantime I thought I would see what Dr. Google had to say.  It is amazing the amount of people out there talking about puppy poop.  And that have the same issue as Rosie.  But I'm getting off track, back to the story.  One cool evening just after dark I set out to walk Rosie.  I had mitts on, there was still some snow and ice in yards, but the sidewalks were clear.  We were about half way through our usual circuit when she stopped right in the middle of the dry sidewalk and proceeded to let out this big, nasty pile of scours.  (Did I mention that it was Julie who really wanted to get a puppy?)  I looked at this pile of liquid and at my little, plastic bag.  There was no way this was going to go well.  I took off my mitts, flipped the bag inside out and attempted to scrape up as much as possible.  It didn't go well.  I got some on my finger in the process, then Rosie pulled on the leash and I dropped my mitts in it.  I tried to kick some snow on it to clean it off the best I could, but the snow was basically ice and not very effective.  So I set off for the rest of the walk, holding my mitts gingerly, holding this steaming pile of liquid poo even more gingerly and trying not to think about what was on my finger.  Good times.

But hey, she must be worth it right?

Can she be any cuter?

Playing with Julie

They are both in there of their own free will (and it's not locked)

Floor snuggles
I guess this post is long enough.  I'll catch up with the kids in another one...or two.  Later

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