Friday, 20 February 2015

Dishes fun

I came home from Littlest's skating lesson Wednesday morning and started to get some lunch together.  I let Rosie out of her kennel and she was busy running around the kitchen.  Then I happened to notice a small puddle on the floor.  My first thought was, 'No Rosie, you've been so good.  It's been over a week since you had an accident.'  I grabbed some paper towel and started to wipe it up.  That's when I noticed the remarkably clear nature of this puddle.  It didn't look like pee.  Then I noticed a dark, wet grout line leading under the dishwasher (which I had started before we left that morning).  Great.  I took the bottom panel off and realized it was leaking on the clean water intake line somewhere, so I turned the tap off and stopped the drip before any damage was caused.  Later that afternoon, I pulled the dishwasher out to see if I could pinpoint the leak.  It was a bit hard to get at and required a flashlight to see properly.  After a few moments of laying on the ground with Littlest shining the flashlight everywhere except where it needed to be and Rosie crawling all over my face, I got up and pushed the dishwasher back into its hole.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to work on it alone this weekend.

In the meantime, the dishes still need to be done.  After supper on the first night, I informed Biggest and Middlest that they would be learning to do dishes.  They were all over it.  I got them set up and they had fun.  I heard such things as, 'This is awesome!' and 'Can we do this every day?' and 'This is fun.'  If this keeps up, we may never need to fix the dishwasher.  I'm guessing it won't though, but now it has been recorded so that I can show them this later and remind them of their youthful enthusiasm.  Silly girls.
hard at work

Last night, it was the same story.  Still having fun and asking to do it again.  I wonder how many days of this we have left.
dish pan hands


Still smiling
I'll keep you posted.  Any wagers as to how many days till we start getting complaints?  Later.

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