Saturday, 14 February 2015

19 ways puppies are like babies

Everything on the Internet these days seems to be lists. 27 reasons for this, 13 ways to do that, 41 uses for those. So now that we have had our puppy Rosie for two weeks, I am beginning to realize that she is just like another child in the house. So here is my list. 

19 ways puppies are like babies:
1.  If it's on the floor, it's in their mouths. 
2.  If they can chew on it, they will. 
3.  They need constant supervision. 
4.  They will deprive you of sleep. 
5.  They will have you up at least once every night. At least once every single night. 
6.  They will deprive you of sleep. 
7.  They sleep in enclosures that they can't get out of. 
8.  They will get your attention when they are ready to be out of said enclosure. 
9.  You think a little nibble on your finger is cute and then OUCH! 
10. They are noisy eaters and drinkers. 
11. They are messy eaters and drinkers. 
12. You need to get as much done as you can while they are napping. 
13. You need to nap while they are napping. 
14. You will need to gate off sections of your house. 
15. They are always glad to see you. 
16. They are adorable when they're sleeping. (Why are you watching them sleep?  See #12 and #13)
17. Potty training. 
18. You will get exercise chasing after them. 
19. It is love at first sight. 


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