Thursday, 9 February 2017

Old man

There have been several instances over the past few weeks where it has been insinuated that I am getting old. Or maybe insinuated is too soft a word - it was pretty much just outright said. 

It started at kids' quest (Sunday school) one Sunday morning.  There was an activity where you were supposed to walk like an old person. A few kids started walking all hunched over and pretending they were using canes. But then a couple of my fellow leaders (yes, my fellow leaders!) said, 'Ok, we need to walk like Dave.'  Pretty soon a chorus of 'yeah, walk like Dave' erupted. Ouch. Right in the feels. (I guess I should mention that the fellow leaders in question are in high school.) 

Julie thinks it's because I've been growing a beard. 

Granted, there are a few white ones in there. Ok, maybe a lot. But I think she's just using it as a ploy to get me to shave. 

The second incident happened one night as I was getting ready to walk the dog. We've had a bit of a cold snap here lately with some pretty nasty wind chills. So before I put my jacket on, I tucked in my shirt. Middlest walked into the room as this was happening and burst out laughing. 'Why are you tucking your shirt in like an old man?'  More giggling and pointing ensued. I said, 'It's cold out and I don't want to get a chill on my back.'  That's when it struck me that I wasn't really helping my case. I kind of sounded like an old man there. But my back was warm. Enough said. 

Finally, Littlest just had a birthday this week where she turned 7. (I'll write more about that in my next post.) We got to talking about ages one evening and she asked me how old I was. I replied that I was 44. Then she said, 'Holy! You are waaay older than Mom!  You're almost 50!'  I said, 'What?! Almost 50? What about 45,46,47,48 and 49?  That's like saying you're almost 12.'  She just looked at me and grinned, 'Maybe I am. Maybe I am...' 

So on that note, maybe I'll go find my slippers,  pour a cup of hot water, put a record on and listen to some Waylon. But not too loud. He knows my pain. 'I look in the mirror in total surprise, at the hair on my shoulders and the age in my eyes.'  Later. 

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