Friday, 22 April 2016

Piano, pie, Pepsi and love

Another month has almost passed by yet again.  We just finished another year of music festival last week.  All three girls played piano - Littlest one song, Middlest two songs and Biggest played three times.  It was a long and stressful week for all involved, especially the parents.  I think it is harder on us to sit through it all sometimes than for the kids.  My mom was able to come and hear each girl play once.  Last year Dad was still able to make it...his last trip to our place, he was able to hear the girls play.  Littlest wasn't taking lessons then yet, so he never did get to hear her.  She still talks about him lots though.  Even tonight as we were praying, she was thankful that Papa was in heaven.  Then I asked her if she missed him and she said yes.  I asked her if she remembered talking to him on the phone a lot during his last year and she said yes.   Then she wished they had phones in heaven.  Me too.  

Well, that train of thought took a bit of a detour.  On a cheerier note, we celebrated Pi day and work this year.  We ordered in pizza pie and three of us made pie.  March 14 is a great day.  Here is a shot of our handy work.  The middle one in cherry, made by me - my first attempt at pie crust.  It turned out really well, if I do say so myself.

One evening this month, Julie was out and Biggest was at a sleepover.  Littlest went to bed, so Middlest and I settled in to watch Survivor.  There wasn't much Pepsi left, so I had a drink right out of bottle.  Middlest looked at me with longing eyes and I could see she wanted some of that too.  So I let her.  Momma's away, and look what happens.

We then settled in for our date night.  Except that each time I said it was a date night, she said it wasn't a date.  'Let's just call it a Daddy-daughter awesome night,' she said.  So that's what we went with.  No date.  Just an awesome night.

A few days later we had some salad for supper.  For some reason, Middlest couldn't get enough.  (She's usually our pickiest eater, so if she was into something healthy, we weren't going to get in her way.)  After about 4 helpings, I told her to just finish it out of the bowl.  That opportunity proved too much for Littlest to turn down.  So they both dug in and finished it off.

I haven't had a good Rosie story for a while.  Some days she is pretty excited when we get home.  A couple days ago when I came home she was especially revved up for some reason.  She was going crazy and trying to jump up on me.  I put my leg up to stop her when she proceeded to wrap her front legs around my leg and make some pretty unladylike moves with her back end.  'Rosie!' I said sternly.  That's when Middlest walked in and saw her 'hugging' me.  She said, 'Dad, she's loving you!'  Yeah, something like that.  

I was doing some laundry last night when Biggest wanted to learn how.  That's a lesson I will gladly teach.  So I told her that the first step was sorting and making sure everything is turned right side out.  This is the step that takes the longest.  I'm not sure how they do it, but all three girls are able to get undressed with all their clothes below the waist still attached to each other all inside out.  Pants inside of underwear and socks inside pant legs.  This is the most frustrating and time consuming part.  Finally she said, 'Now I see why you are always yelling at us to put our clothes right side out.  I'm actually starting to get annoyed with myself.' I call that a parenting win.

Julie has been playing in her stained glass a bit more lately.  She started making some suncatcher wind chimes.  They look really cool and make a nice sound coming in through the window.  Here is one of the finished products.  

That was taken on a beautiful day.  We have had a few really nice days, but still have some cool mornings.  This morning was one of the chilly ones.  The wind was really brisk, so the girls decided they should take a page out of the penguin playbook and huddle up to stay warm while waiting for the bus.  Heads in, butts out. 

It's nice when they look out for each other.  Later.

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